The colours, patterns and textures in landscapes are the starting points for much of my artwork.  From these beginnings the resulting images may develop in unpredictable ways. Some images evolve from memories of a familiar landscape; other work is founded on the more immediate landscapes of the coastal areas of North County Dublin where I live. The West of Ireland also features in my work. My sketchbooks, including experimental work, and photographs of many landscapes visited, provide ongoing references and sources of inspiration.

Chapman's Pool 1Lighthouse<br>14.2x16.5cm<br>Acrylic on paperChapman's Pool 2     Connemara Wall<br>23x36cm<br>Mixed media on paperConnemara Fields<br>Detail from original painting 13.8x14.2cmPortrane Fields<br>36x26cm<br>Oil pastel and ink on paperLoughshinny Rocks<br>Detail from original painting 29x30.5cmHeadland with Spots<br>17x12cm<br>Mixed media on paperMallorca Lines<br>102.5x79cm<br>Mixed media collage on mount boardView of Portrane<br>15.2x9.5cm<br>Mixed media on paperView of Howth<br>20x20cm<br>Acrylic and oil pastel on paper   Connemara Landscape 1<br>36x33cm<br>Acrylic and oil pastel on paperConnemara Landscape 2<br>17x21cm<br>Acrylic and oil pastel on paperWinter 2<br>13x16cm<br>Acrylic on paper   Winter 1<br>17x11cm<br>Acrylic and gesso on paper    Estuary in Winter<br>16x16cm<br>Mixed media on cardboard Donabate Beach<br>10x15cm<br>Mixed media on paperWinter Landscape<br>16x16cm<br>Mixed media on cardboard  Estuary Reflections in Winter<br>61x23cm<br>Mixed media on boardWinter Landscape 1<br>61x23cm<br>Mixed media on boardWinter Landscape 2<br>61x23cm<br>Mixed media on board