Some of these drawings appear in my notebooks, others are finished pieces which were included in my solo exhibition at The Grange Gallery in November 2012. Materials used include charcoal, pencil, Indian ink and pigment drawing pens. All are on paper or card.

James Joyce project, Dubliners 2010<br>27x34cm<br>Charcoal on paperJames Joyce project, Dubliners 2010<br>34x28cm<br>Charcoal on paperJames Joyce project, Dubliners 2010<br>25.5x34cm<br>Charcoal on paperLoughshinny Rocks line drawing<br>18x22cm<br>Pigment pen on paperLoughshinny Rocks<br>20x19.5cm<br>Charcoal and Pritt stick on paperLoughshinny Rocks<br>19.5x26cm<br>Charcoal and Pritt stick on paperSwans at Kilmore Quay<br>28x21cm<br>Charcoal and Pritt stick on paperCharles Fort, Kilmore Quay<br>28.5x21cm<br>Charcoal and Pritt stick Estuary drawing<br>19.5x26cm<br>Charcoal on paperAmber and reflections<br>15.5x21cm<br>Ink on cartridge paperAmber and reflections<br>11x16cm<br>Pigment pen on cartridge paperLoughshinny Rocks<br>18.5x27cm<br>Pigment pen on cartridge paperCoast Path 1<br>17.5x13.7cm<br>Charcoal on cardCoast Path 2<br>17.5x13.7cm<br>Charcoal on cardCoast Path 3<br>13.7cmx17.5cm<br>Charcoal on cardCoast Path 4<br>13.7x17.5cm<br>Charcoal on cardCoast Path 5<br>13.7x17.5cm<br>Charcoal on cardCoast Path 6<br>13.7x17.5cm<br>Charcoal on cardCoast Path 7<br>13.7x17.5cm<br>Charcoal on card